Big Mountain Data Assembles Data Analysis Panel at #IACP2016

IACP2016Law enforcement is on the front lines of domestic violence.  Before we can implement policies and procedures to hold offenders accountable, we need to get an accurate portrayal of what is happening behind closed doors in our neighborhoods, towns, and cities.

Domestic violence rears its ugly head every day where at least three people are murdered at the hands of someone they know intimately.  On average, across the U.S., domestic violence homicides constitute at least a third of all homicides every year. Moreover, it’s one of the most predictable homicides law enforcement must confront on an annual basis. Officers new to the force start to see the predictable patterns emerge soon after they begin their careers.  It’s for this reason, Big Mountain Data works with law enforcement to demonstrate how the data they have already in their RMS and CAD systems can reveal answers today.

Our longtime partner, SunGard Public Sector, invited us to orchestrate a panel at this year’s International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) conference to discuss how data analysis played a major role in the highly successful High Point Model, now recognized by the DOJ’s Office of Violence Against Women.

The workshop will be moderated by V.P. Kevin Lafeber, of SunGard Public Sector. Participating on the panel will be retired Chief Marty Sumner, who led the domestic violence initiative for High Point for the past 7 years, as well as the crime analysis team from High Point and SunGard PS that had to modify the RMS in order to effectively implement the ground-breaking tracking system.  Chief Ken Shultz will talk about future improvements and enhancements to the OFDVI strategy.

The IACP conference will be held October 15-18 in San Diego, CA. This session will fill up early, so be sure to reserve your spot.




Hacking Domestic Violence Pays Dividends

Big Mountain Data made its debut into the “data science for social good” arena by participating in the inaugural hackathon hosted by Y Combinator-backed Bayes Impact.  Bayes Impact is a nonprofit dedicated to solving big social problems with data science.

Five teams submitted a range of solutions based on datasets we provided via our data partner, the High Point Police Department (HPPD).

The hackathon teams performed brilliantly.  We’re in the process of following up with all of them to get feedback on all the HPPD submissions, as well as the team ideas on further recommendations on next steps.

The net result for HPPD and Big Mountain Data is we proved our initial hypothesis: that data science can be a powerful tool in the fight against domestic violence.  This is an important, validating first step in our journey.  We have great admiration and appreciation for the brilliant teams that worked on our data.

Here are a few of the teams who made our dream come true.

The Justice League – warming up


Team Quid


Team WillitBlend?


The Justice League – Victory Lap